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Drawing Fundamentals: The Basics

Seniors Course – Term 1 2022

Student Work - Drawing Fundamentals, 2021
Tutor: Sue Richardson
12 week course
Wednesdays, 10:00am - 11:30am
Started: 2nd February
All Levels

Cost: $660 for 12 week course, $60 per casual session. All drawing materials supplied.

Contact Janet from Easylink to enrol:

Janet Parker

P 02 9919 0700
D 02 9919 0709

W www.easylink.com.au


NOTE: This is a guide, materials are a suggestion and student can use the materials they prefer to substitute in any exercise.

Week 1:

Introductory lesson, pencil and charcoal. Simple object drawn in different ways, mostly line.

Week 2:

Geometric shapes, using tone to create depth, the illusion of 3 dimensions, pencil

Week 3:

Bottles and vases and decorative items (could involve student’s personal items of interest) to practise tonal effects, light and dark and shadows


Still life fruit, proportions, tone and texture, charcoal

Week 5:

Still life fruit and vegetables, charcoal and introducing colour, suggestion:  Pastel

Week 6:

Still life plants in ink and wash, tonal arrangements and the line

Week 7:

Trees, tone and line, pencil

Week 8:

Flowers in colour, colour combinations and tonal investigation: pastels

Week 9:

Figure drawing clothed, proportions, tone and texture.

Week 1o:

Figure drawing, clothed, proportions, tone and texture

Week 11:

Portrait drawing, proportions, tone and texture.

Week 12:

Landscape, tonal arrangements and the line using ink and wash

Materials & Equipment List

  • Pencils, a range from H, HB – 2B through to 6B
  • Charcoal various sized sticks
  • Pastels
  • Putty Eraser and Hard Erasure
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Paper, A3 drawing pad
  • This event has passed.