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Kids Art Club

Term 3 2021

Class Image – Self Portrait - Kids Art Club 2021
Tutor: Eleanor Amiradaki
8 week course
Wednesdays, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Started: 21st July
5 - 10 years of age
All levels

The creative act is fundamental in providing an opportunity for children to connect with their innate creativity whilst having fun! Join artist and arts educator Eleanor Amiradaki to explore a range of techniques/materials focusing on building foundational skills whilst children find and develop their creative expression. Watercolour, pencil, charcoal, clay and pastels will be among the materials used to build unique compositions. We will weave into our work the seasons, nature, dreams and story as we draw inspiration from life & imagination.

Please note Term 3 Kids Art Club will be held online from the Sydney Art Space Studio via Zoom from 3.30-5.00pm on Monday afternoons commencing Monday July 26th and the zoom link will be sent to you after your enrolment. Cost for the 7 sessions and art pack is $360.

There will be an Art Pack to cover our Term 3 program. This can be picked up from Sydney Art Space prior to commencement of week 1 Term 3 on Wednesday 21st July. 

The art pack includes:

Watercolour paints, packet of oil pastels, drawing paper pad, nylon paint brush, 1 charcoal stick, 1 graphite pencil, 1 eraser, air drying clay, wooden skewers, scissors, plastic plates.



Dreamy Landscapes – Kids Club 2021

Week 1: Dreamy landscapes 

Children will look at the work of Marc Chagall for inspiration for their own dreamlike artworks.

Week 2: Snow Flakes 

Children will use some playful techniques to create there winter inspired snowflake scenes.


Cozy Self Portraits – Kids Club 2021

Week 3: Cozy Self Portraits 

Children will create a self portrait with their cozy winter knits adorning them and maybe a fluffy friend too!

Week 4: Clay Toadstools 

Children will make their magical toadstool with air dry clay.


Clay Toadstools – Kids Club 2021

Week 5: Clay Toadstools 

Children will paint & decorate their magical toadstools with acrylic paint ready to take home.

Week 6: Nature – Still Life

We will work with charcoals to create our natural still life artworks. Looking at shadow, light & composition. 


Spring Gardens – Kids Club 2021

Week 7: Spring Gardens

Children will draw spring gardens bursting into bloom!


Creative Kids Rebate

You can use a $100 Creative Kids Rebate Voucher if enrolling for a half or full term. To find out all about it and how to apply for your 2020 voucher please go to: www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/creative-kids

NOTE: When enrolling for a course or workshop please make sure you put the appropriate number of students enrolling in the enrolment box.

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