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Kids Art Club

Term 2 2021

Class Image – Self Portrait - Kids Art Club 2021
Tutor: Eleanor Amiradaki
9 week course
Wednesdays, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Started: 28th April
5 - 10 years of age
All levels

The creative act is fundamental to growth and development! Our Kids Club art classes provide an opportunity for children to connect with their innate creativity whilst having fun! During the term students will explore a range of techniques/materials focussing on building foundational skills whilst harnessing their own unique creative expression. Watercolour, ink, pencil, charcoal, clay and pastels will be amongst the materials used to build unique compositions. We will weave into our work the seasons, nature, dreams and story as we draw inspiration from life & imagination.

Please ensure your child brings:

  • Appropriate clothing or Art Apron to protect School Uniform (Spare Aprons will also be available)
  • Afternoon Tea / Snack & Water Bottle

Week 1

Picasso Self portraits

Children will look at the portraiture work of Picasso before creating their own self portrait.


Class Image – Rainbows - Kids Art Club 2021

Week 2

Rainbows & Rain

Children will use some playful techniques to create there rainy rainbow scenes.

Week 3

Cupcakes & Tea Pots

Children will learn the art of still life – drawing some yummy colourful tea party treats.

Week 4

Starry Night

Looking at the work of Van Gogh children will play with oil pastel to create their own starry nights.


Class Image – Kids Art Club Drawings - 2020

Week 5

Autumn Trees

Inspired by nature children will draw their autumn scenes.

Week 6

Clay Rainbow Mobiles

Children will make their mobiles with air dry clay.


Clay Mobiles - Kids Art Club 2021

Week 7

Clay rainbow Mobiles

Children will paint their mobiles with acrylic paint & construct ready to take home.

Week 8

Matisse Collages

Children will look at the work of Matisse to make their own vibrant cut out collages.

Week 9

Winter creatures

Collaborative Drawing with the class.

Creative Kids Rebate

You can use a $100 Creative Kids Rebate Voucher if enrolling for a half or full term. To find out all about it and how to apply for your 2020 voucher please go to: www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/creative-kids

NOTE: When enrolling for a course or workshop please make sure you put the appropriate number of students enrolling in the enrolment box.

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