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Life Drawing

With the Model – Term 2 2021

Student Artwork - Lifedrawing 2020
Tutor: Christine Simpson
5 session course, fortnightly
Mondays, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Started: 19th April
16 - Adult
Beginners to Advanced

Life drawing is a constant state of discovery and immediacy as we learn to see and feel the human form from a drawing perspective.

Artist and tutor Christine Simpson will take you on a journey to explore the landscape of the human figure. We will consider in different sessions rhythm; form; depth; gravity; the power of the line; tonal shapes and relationships; emotional sensations; shadow-play; and the building blocks of anatomy.

In these life drawing sessions we are involved in the act of seeing both the energy and construction of the human form to render a sense of what is, rather then slavishly trying to get there by copying. We are endeavouring to see creatively and not to use the thinking brain to analyse and objectify.

Term 2 we will be investigating anatomical building blocks, volume and depth.

Class dates:

  1. Apr 19th
  2. May 3rd
  3. May 17th
  4. Jun 7th
  5. Jun 21th

Materials List

  • 6B, 2B and HB lead pencils
  • Graphite stick
  • Willow charcoal
  • Putty erasure
  • A3 drawing pad

Privacy Agreement for Online Students

To protect our models privacy Sydney Art Space makes it clear that online, or indeed face to face students do not have permission to record images of the model or distribute images and that it is illegal to do so without consent, which in this case would not be given. So that we are all on the same page there will be a form regarding model privacy sent out upon enrolment to sign before inclusion in the online classes.

NOTE: When enrolling for a course or workshop please make sure you put the appropriate number of students enrolling in the enrolment box.

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