Graham Hay

Sydney Art Space Teaching Artist – Graham Hay – Graham Hay. Photo: Victor France
Graham Hay. Photo: Victor France

“I immensely enjoy sharing studio discoveries and techniques, particularly when I see the eyes light up of both novice and experienced paper clay users, when they realise the creative potential for their own work”

Over the last two and a half decades Graham Hay has focussed on ceramic paper clay sculpture, continuously pioneered and sharing new techniques, including leading the first international conferences and symposiums in Hungary (2004), Norway (2007) and the US (2009, 2010, 2015). He has participated in over 160 exhibitions and his work is in textbooks and public collections in a dozen countries. This included biennales in Australia, Holland, Argentina, Romania and Italy (3), including a 500 kg vessel based sculpture in a 2017 Venice Biennale event. Generous by nature, he has written over 20 journal articles, given over 300 workshops and provides a huge, information packed website. Visit and be inspired.