Helena Sinclair

Helena Sinclair
Helena Sinclair

I am an emerging ceramic artist practicing in Melbourne, Victoria.

I like to explore a range of ideas within my studio practice. My functional work I think of as blank canvases that I can hand paint illustrative designs on to and that you can eat off! I like to experiment with sculpture particularly with quirky, curvey vessels as well as sculpting representational and realistic forms.  The common thread that weaves through my work there is more often than (k)not some type of cheeky humour, weird quirkiness or word play while incorporating colour and femininity.

Conceptually I like to explore my place within the world, ideas about feminism and the body as well as societal ideals about beauty. My most recent series of work has been to investigate abject materials that have been removed from the body and re-contextualised through ceramic sculpture.

Helena Sinclair
Helena Sinclair


Platypus Painting - Kids Art Club 2023

Kids Art Club

Term 4 2023
8 week course
Wednesdays, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Starts: 18th October
6 - 13 Years of age
All levels