Nicci Palmer

Sydney Art Space Teaching Artist – Nicci Palmer
Nicci Palmer

I am a visual and performing artist and have been painting and drawing since I was a child. I studied visual art in high school and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree and post-graduate studies in visual arts at Sydney College of the Arts and The Australian National University. I had the opportunity to travel the world in my late 20’s and I spent time in residency in Ireland, Wales, and The United States, developing my practice. I’ve also been studying and practicing personal growth and development modalities for healing including energy work, meditation, visualising and movement. I’m certified in coaching and energy healing through Future Force Inc. based in California, USA. 

My practice

I taught myself to paint with acrylics and started out doing portraits and landscapes. I started using oil paints around age 20 and fell in love with the medium. Today, I still use acrylics to create bold, colourful statement pieces that I make in unison with dance and movement in the form of a performance. I like to present the performance as video or at in-person events. I also enjoy going back to my roots in visual expression, and painting smaller pieces in either oil, watercolour and ink. My subject matter varies between landscapes, the human form, animals, nature and abstraction. 

With my knowledge and experience creating visual art pieces, and understanding of various healing modalities, I am able to create a fun, safe and vibrant environment for people to explore their self-expression and unleash their creativity in my workshops that are titled, ‘Draw Your Dreams & Create Your Reality’. I take people through an easy to follow process during the workshop, which provides an opportunity to tap or tune into what they truly desire to create, or draw into, their life, and then visual art, visualisation and dance are used as ways to express and represent these desires, literally drawing them into reality! It’s like the creation of a vision board, but 1000 times more powerful in my opinion! You don’t have to be a visual artist or dancer to enjoy and benefit from these workshops either, they are designed for everyone from all backgrounds and abilities.