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Drawing: The Basics - Easylink

March & April 2024

Tutor: Christina Frank
6 week course
Mondays, 10:00am - 11:30am
Starts: 18th March
Over 65
All Levels

Join our fabulous artist and arts tutor Christina Frank as she guides you through a wonderful creative program. Easylink participants will explore a range of techniques/materials focusing on building foundational skills in drawing to discover ways of rendering what it is you are seeing. Everyone can learn to draw so don’t be afraid to give it a go if you are a first time drawer. We will draw inspiration from simple objects, fruit and flowers!

Please note: There will be no class on Easter Monday, the 1st of April.

Drawing - The Basics, 2023 student drawings

Week 1: Seeing the form – simple objects

The start of drawing is observation. We will do exercises in observation as we focus on some simple forms to draw. Using pencil we will consider concepts of tone, light and shade and composition.

Week 2: Still Life with bottles and other vessels

Using lessons of last week we will draw a still life comprised of bottles and other vessels with symmetrical geometrical form. The use of charcoal will be introduced this week.

Drawing - The Basics, 2023 student artwork

Week 3: A Bowl of Fruit

A bowl of fruit will be our subject this week as we draw in charcoal and introduce the use of colour with soft pastel.

Drawing - The Basics, 2023 student in action

Week 4: A Vase of Flowers

Our still life subject will be a vase of flowers which we will draw using pencil, charcoal and soft pastel.

Week 5: Landscape

Our subject this week will be landscape. We will experiment with using ink and brush, looking at how other artists have done this.

Week 6: Our hands and faces

Our subject this week is ourselves… our hands and our faces! We will choose which media to use, or experiment with mixing media, using all our observation skills firstly to draw our left hand, then learning some principles of proportion, draw a self-portrait.

Drawing - The Basics, 2023 students in action

Materials & Equipment List

All art materials supplied.

  • Apron (optional)


Covered by Easylink

TO ENROL: Call Easylink 02 9919 0700. NOTE: you will need to be over 65 years and registered with Easylink.