November At Sydney Art Space

Spring has sprung! What a wonderful time of the year to see new buds shooting, flowers colouring our world with beauty and grace, rain kissing our mother; the earth and the four winds doing their thing spreading new seeds across the land and water. Our bodies respond to this quickening and new creative energy is released to be channelled into all sorts of creative projects.


The final Term of our 2016 course calendar is now underway! Remember, you are always welcome to get involved in a course at any stage over the remaining 8 weeks if spring has got you all inspired :)

Sculpture Workshops

Students are at varying stages of sculpting, casting and finishing in our Sculpture Workshops. In these classes we have beginners to advanced practitioners with everyone contributing knowledge to the processes of sculpture. Some are investigating modelling and handbuilding in clay, wax and plasticine. Others are casting using plaster, acrylic resin, ciment fondue and electroplating as we draw nearer to the yearly January exhibition at Avalon Recreation Centre. Other participants are carving beautiful soapstone forms before moving on to polishing and finishing.


Sculpture Workshops


Drawing Fundamentals

Drawing Fundamentals sees us considering composition this term as we reinvest our practice from week to week developing line, tone, rhythm, contrast, depth, positive and negative spaces. It has been a real joy to see the drawings metamorphosis as practice is put onto paper! Drawing is the intimate experience of the participant and the subject matter, that immediate response to the world as we see and feel it. Drawing practice is equivalent to playing your scales daily with a musical instrument, and Surprise, Surprise, the more you do it, the better you get at it! So never be afraid to get started, believe it or not everyone can draw, it just helps to be guided in and find the way to begin :)


Drawing Fundamentals


Marvels of Oil Painting

Engaging with the Marvels of Oil Painting finds participants enjoying an inspired still life with succulents and dramatic lighting. We have been entering the realm of Australian artists like Hugh Ramsay as Yvette darkens the space and highlights the subject matter to reveal contrast, form and tone. You are welcome to come and experience this still life which is being explored as a traditional oil painting experience. Yvette demonstrates how to build up glazes and translucent overlays of colour as students investigate cool, warm, primary, secondary and teriary colours, all made from our own palate! These classes are for beginners to intermediate painters as Yvette takes you on a journey from where you are at and guides you through this engaging and magical process!


Marvels of Oil



Lifedrawing has some fabulous models booked for Term 4 ranging from super dynamic to earth mother to playful to contemplative and dramatic. Whatever the model ,you will be taken on a creative journey to connect to the wonder of the human form. Each week covers a different aspect of lifedrawing, and these themes are repeated regularly so that participants can practice and gain valuable knowledge about the Lifedrawing process. We have all levels of experience for life drawing. It is a non-competitive environment and the class always has lots of fun while experiencing the human landscape on a deeper level.


Life Drawing


Kids Art Club

Kids Art Club has begun the Term with Drawing and Painting, as Gabriela has taken the children into the world of contrast and definition. We have made wonderful shadow drawings and have also experienced drawing through the eyes of Andy Warhol. Escher is our next experience, giving drawings a double visual meaning! We then move onto Sculpture , Weaving and Jewellery-making. Very exciting!


Shadow Drawings