Strong Roots – Tall Trees

A 5 week program using creativity and meditation to develop and integrate 5 core foundational qualities that support children’s wellbeing.

We are so delighted to be offering this very beautiful after school program for children between 8-12 years at Sydney Art Space in Mona Vale. Like the name suggests Strong Roots – Tall Trees is offered with the intention of helping children to grow strong, stable, solid roots which can support them to stand with dignity, self-respect, trust, playfulness and joy, kindness and compassion for themselves and others in their everyday lives.

Each week in a fun, creative, safe, small group setting we will explore a different foundational quality:

  • Respect – week 1
  • Trust – week 2
  • Playfulness and Joy – week 3
  • Courage and Resilience – week 4
  • Kindness and Compassion – week 5

Using the tools of meditation and art making each child will explore and discover their relationship to these qualities within themselves and practice ways to integrate these qualities within their everyday lives.
WHEN: 5 weekly sessions beginning Monday  9th May until Monday 6th June .
TIME: 4:00 – 5:30pm
WHO: Children from 8 – 12 years.
WHERE: Sydney Art Space, 64 Darley St Mona Vale
COST: $200 includes all art materials

This program was created by Clio Doughty a Transpersonal Art Therapy practitioner and Louise Kissane a K-12 Personal Development and Meditation teacher at St Mary’s Manly and will be facilitated by Clio. The program is currently run with students at St Mary’s Manly as an in school program supporting social and emotional learning.